A configurable & complete pre-funding underwriting QC solution


Completely Customizable

Digital QC offers a completely customizable platform ensuring a comprehensive pre-funding underwriting QC

Ensure Uniform Usage

It ensures that every analyst is able to follow the same QC process across the globe
Pen & ruller

Monitor Performance

Provide multiple other reports, which help our clients to monitor the performance of the team

Key Features

  • Machine learning based auto-indexing and book-marking
  • Auto Data integrity and Rule validations
  • Exception workflow handling
  • Integration framework
  • Modular checklist
  • Real time Trending Analytics
  • Auto Alerts and Notifications
  • Response Management

Business Benefits

  • Ensures Quality of Design and Quality of conformance
  • Audit Worksheet and Checklist are as approved by the client
  • Checklist can be embedded in the platform to ensure uniform usage
  • Powerful real time dynamic dashboard reports, with complete trending & analysis
  • Easy to prevent future defects
  • Improved clarity at Pre-funding QC level

Digital QC

Customizable QC platform ensuring a complete pre-funding underwriting QC
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