Loan processing solution that leverages
AI/ML-based OCR technology
Reduce cost of loan production
by more than 30%

Visionet's VisiLoanReview is fully integrated with Encompass by EllieMae

Experience over 98% accuracy in loan processing

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A loan processing solution that leverages AI/ML-based OCR technology to deliver over 98% accuracy

Faster Loan Disbursement

Speed up loan document processing
by over 30%

AI/ML Powered Technology

Leverage AI/ML powered technology to deliver over 98% accuracy in document processing

Integrated with Encompass

Fully integrated with Encompass by Ellie Mae, so that you can process borrower loan files faster

Success Stories

The remarkable results achieved by organizations that trust Visionet
Leading Global Financial Services Company
  • Implemented VisiLoanReview for auto indexing and data capturing from the documents
  • The uniform naming convention for indexed document was defined
  • Multi-layered audit via exception trigger process was implemented to ensure the quality of results
Leading Real Estate Company
  • Created & Implemented uniform procedure across the departments for TAT improvement
  • 12 hours of coverage was provided for most of the departments to ensure smooth flow of information
  • End To End loan processing in offshore for quality and productivity gain
Leading Mortgage Lender
  • Multi layered quality checks were embedded in the process
  • Combination of auto indexing (via VisiLoanReview application) along with white gloving created significant productivity gains
  • Experienced team of underwriters for pre-underwriting and pre-purchase review was set up at offshore

Transformation with VisiLoanReview

Achieve Over 98% Accuracy
AI/ML based document processing providing over 98% accuracy
Thunder-move Expertise
Interactive QC Platform
Supporting post-close and
pre-funding audits
Pre-Configured Business Rules
8000+ customizable business rules for underwriting support
BI Enabled Dashboard
Advanced analytical reports for strategic decision making

Industry Partnerships

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Within the Mortgage industry, originators need to process loans in bulk. A proven AI/ML-powered OCR tool like VisiLoanReview can do the job for you.


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