Visionet helps businesses accelerate their move to go digital with a comprehensive cloud transformation approach. Be it cloud migration, build, advisory, or future governance, we can be your partner throughout your cloudification journey.

Time to Market Improvement – 20%

Admin and Support Cost Reduction – 50%

Process Efficiency Enhancement – 20%

What We Offer

  • Cloud strategy and assessment
    From cloud approach to cloud type, management, and security, get the right advice on cloud adoption after assessing your cloud maturity.
  • Cloud migration
    Make a quick, risk-free, and low-cost transition to cloud with a low impact on your business.
  • Cloud infrastructure and implementation
    Seamless cloud adoption with built-in security, flexibility, and scalability.
  • Cloud management
    Enable security control, system access, backup management, and disaster recovery with our optimized cloud operations.
  • Next-generation cloud security and governance
    Uninterrupted integration of new processes with your existing governance policies and tools.
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