Its Time Lenders Consolidated their Ops

By September 26, 2019 October 18th, 2019

Isn’t coordinating with multiple parties a pain at times? We hear several lenders complaining about it often. It is impossible to possess the resources to complete everything we need in-house. That’s where we end up having to seek support from multiple service providers.

The mortgage and related industries have evolved from a small shop concept to a wholesome business profile concept over the year and so have their service providers. If you see a year on year business profile of a leading service provider, you’d see how they have added services and technologies that fit their clients’ needs. Many have also tried to accommodate processes and invest in technologies that would be necessary for their clients in the future.

Working with multiple service providers – Money, Time & Reseources

In the mortgage industry, working with multiple service providers means a lot of investment. Investment of money, time, and resources; and yet some things might still fall through the cracks. Consolidating your business with one service provider can mean cost savings, and it is also effortless to pinpoint a business problem if you have one. You can work with your vendor to analyze the situation, derive a solution, and implement it fast. Whereas, it’s challenging to achieve the same with multiple vendors.

Nowadays, more than the skill set, the primary issue is with the diversity of business cultures that companies have. Every provider you work with will have a business culture when it comes to communication, hierarchy, authority, and especially the way they deal with a problem situation. When you settle down with one vendor, it’s easier to deal with one set of people with their set culture instead of navigating through many. Generally, when you are a long-lasting customer to a service provider, they always go the extra mile to develop capabilities and increase their capacities when the need arises. It’s an unsaid expectation that they fulfill for you in view of the relationship you share.

Time to Consolidate

The mortgage industry has very few such service providers who are providing three-dimensional solutions to business. Every lender requires business process management services to cater to their loan processing and servicing needs. They also require cutting edge ever-changing technology solutions to automate their processes, deliver faster and more accurately. Not just that, they also require IT services to augment their enterprise-level business goals. Many lenders we know have signed up with separate vendors for all of these solutions, and it is only making their work difficult.

Business strategies defined in board rooms often don’t reach all the vendors, and one system doesn’t talk to another. Set-up time and go-live time is high, and all of this is making them lose the market share they could gain. Integration is difficult as the technologies used don’t possess the capability to extend and work with each other. Moreover, as much as they are trying to reduce manual intervention, it is instead increasing processes and redundant communications.

Advantage Visionet – An end-to-end services provider for Mortgage

Visionet is different in this case; we have always focused on our customer first. And that has helped us offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to the mortgage and related industries. Visionet is one of the very few end-to-end solution providers that provide BPM delivery, digital technology solutions, and IT services to the mortgage industry. The fully comprehensive range of technology-related offerings includes business consulting, software products, administration, helpdesk, content migration, database management, and other technology services, and technology-driven business process outsourcing.

Visionet uses methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, and full SDLC practices along with products, processes, and solutions that meet the specific client needs. Highly trained and certified technology teams help devise innovative solutions frameworks and accelerators.

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Shamit Vohra

Shamit Vohra

Shamit is a vibrant and highly accomplished professional with rich experience of more than 10 years in Sales, Business Development, Service Delivery, and Operations Management, Project Management, Transition, and Process Re-Engineering in the BPO / ITES sector. He has a thorough understanding of business environments and evolving business needs, change management, the capability to work with large and diverse skill-sets.

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